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Re-Volt Tool's, Programs & Utilities.

Track Management & Creation :
RVtmod7 : RV Glue plus other useful tools
Useful tool for none 3D program users, use to decorate and manipulate
 tracks and track parts(prm's).
TrackMK_plus : SRMalloy's TrackMK plus KV's GUI front end.
Use this tool to create new and unique track pieces.
PrmBend_plus : SRMalloy's PrmBend plus KV's GUI front end.
Use this tool to create new and unique track pieces.
RV Minis 5 : From ali and Gabor Varga.
A collection of small single-purpose tools for manipulating RV tracks.
Wscale4 : Latest Version of this great tool from SRMalloy.
Use to alter the hieght, width and length of you tracks.
RVEET_2 : by Doctor Zoidberg.
Allows you to edit the .inf files of your tracks.
Battle Tag Converter : Converts Custom tracks to a battle tag level.
Chaos Tools : RV-Count, RV-Dblsd, RV-Remap, RV-Sizer and Chaos Manual.
MAKEITGOOD keytable : Learn and use the Makeitgood edit modes with this Keys table.

KITS and PRM's for Track Editing : A large selection of instances from various creators.

Car Management & Creation :
Car Manager V1.4 : Original by Tony Fazzone of Re-Volt RHQ, updated by CD090580.
Use to create & adjust new cars from Stock or Custom cars already installed.
Sounded2 : Tool to change car sounds/wav files.
RV Garage : Manage your large selection of cars between RV and your Garage.
TMMCC : The MorphMe RV Carfix Copter.
Program to allow as many custom cars in Re-Volt, theoretical limit 32766.
TMVfr : Texture Mesh Viewer for Re-Volt.
Use to map your bitmaps/graphics to prm's.
RVOrganizer : By Gareth Bain.
A Program for Organising your Car Folders.

Re-Volt Game Extra's :
Patch 0916 : Re-Volt game patch.
Allows exported editor tracks as double sized and allows the use of Custom tracks
 in multi player.
Patch 1207 : Re-Volt game patch.
Same as the 0916 patch but turns off the CD check and in game music. Play without CD.
Pickup's Trainer : Learn and practice the use of the Pickup's.
This program will allow you to continually have a specific pickup on for continuous use.
Ladder Editor V1.0 : Allows for increased laps upto 255 plus pickup's on/off.
Re-Volt Extender : Allows for multiple users to select and unselect cups, races,
 time trials and stars, visualize which cars are available on your current game.
RV reg Cheat : 2 reg files that will give & remove all stars to allow full access.

Optional Required & Usefull Files :
cygwin1.dll : Required file for most of the track tools created by ali and Gabor Varga.
vbrun60sp3 : Latest Visual Basic Runtime files.
Xace Plus : Free multi-format extractor, supports ACE, ARJ, LZH, MS-Cab, RAR and ZIP.
Paint Shop Pro 4.15 SE : Very usefull image editing and screen capture program.